itssintobehuman's Journal

Magwald Xargin

((Please note that some of this has been modified to suit AU timeline(s) for RP purposes.))

Magwald Xargin was once a generous and kind-hearted man of medical science. He devoted his life to helping the immigrants that came to Germany, finding it unthinkable to be biased and racist toward them when it was common place with many of their peers who were born and raised as natives. He enthusiastically supported the work of his girlfriend--Sasha Jobson--who did medical research on nano-technology. He believed that she was creating something miraculous where she worked, in which was a university.

Xargin did not know about what she was really working on until after he experienced the extreme acts of intolerance from the people who looked down on them and the "outsiders" as inferior and weak. From the first time he met Sasha's younger brother, Joseph, up to Sasha's death--all this drove him to utter despair and disillusionment. Victor Strachus as the head of twisted and top secret intentions bestowed the power of Amalgams (otherwise known as Demoniacs) onto Xargin as it drove him to madness.

Upon taking a Messiah complex, he began to view humans as nothing more than a hopeless race that was only capable of destruction and harm. He envisions to remake the world to be free of humanity, and for the Amalgams to be the new, "purified" dominant race.

While driven by genocidal ideals, he comes across on the surface to be polite, calm, and religious. He says Bible quotes and prayers. There are times in which he seems somewhat sympathetic towards humanity when he otherwise carries a general loathing toward them. As "God's will and holy messenger", an old mare he resurrected and restored from the dead for a companion, he goes in stride.

To keep true to canon of his role as main antagonist from the anime series, Blassreiter, Xargin is the most powerful of the Amalgams. His alternate form is a bulky, towering humanoid that's reminiscent of a type of warlord. Long twisting horns extend out from the sides of his head. There are four tentacles on his back. His primary weapon however is an over-sized broadsword that he wields effortlessly in one hand. Apart from that, he can shoot bright energy blasts from his palms. He has both enhanced speed and strength. There's a degree of pyrokinesis, he can briefly stop time and pass transparently through his opponents.

Aside from being capable of being very destructive, he also has the power to heal and revive others.

He can summon his sword, heal, revive, manipulate time, and use his super strength in his more human form as well as his Amalgam form.

His mare Weiss can turn into a winged horse Amalgam, for carrying Xargin in mid-air for short distances.

For humans and Amalgams alike, it would be a difficult challenge to inflict damage on Xargin.

((Putting more info in OOC journal posts about him inside this account. To help peeps be more familiar with this complex, tragic antagonist. ^.^))